STAR PRO DIGITAL is a full-service video production that produces professional quality videos in Vancouver BC and the North Vancouver since 2005

What we do for your project!

1:strategy and lessing your plan. 

First, we take time to understand your business, event or project and the message you want to convey,

so we can determine the best way to communicate it effectively.

2. Script
Video Script

A great video is as powerful as the story and script behind it. We create a compelling script that connects with your audience and evokes your desired action.

3. Voiceover

The voiceover is the driving force behind your video, so you need a professional, with the right accent and tone to deliver your message.

4. Storyboard
Video Storyboard

This is a scene-by-scene draft of how the video will play. Once approved, we create a unique style that determines its look and feel.

5: Make our team ready for your day

 our team and post production team ready for your project.

6. Delivery your video

After we fix and editing your project we send you. one time only we can editing and full copyright for you and us.

including 2 package DVD and 2 copy for your self. 

Tel: 604-347-7733 - 3680 Mt Seymour Pkwy, North Vancouver, BC
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B.C. now Canada's leading province for film and TV production, let us to help you.

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