Customer Testimonial 

Robert & Mina

The pictures Sam took for our weddings are so natural yet sophisticated at the same time.

We have received so many compliments on the breathtaking moments Sam captured of our wedding day. Sam and he`s company is

Professionalism, and positive attitude!"

Tel: 604-347-7733 - 3680 Mt Seymour Pkwy, North Vancouver, BC
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Mahsa & Mik

We were so honoured to have Sam and he`s team capture such breath taking photos for our wedding. His creativity is amazing and he had no problem jumping over things to get the best shot! We can't thank you enough Sam and he`s team, 

the beautiful photos we have for a life time.

Thank you for our photo book of memories.


We open our new coffee shop on West Vancouver.

Me and my wife looking for photographer.

one day Sam show up after some event with he`m team and get our home made coffee and he take a photo and he send us.

we surprise this is best photo we have in shop.

we offer the print and he did.

Super thank`s Sam and SPD team`s. 

SPD is professional, high quality, fairly priced, punctual, and reliable. I highly recommend SPD for their printing services and customer service.

Corporate Contracting Services
“Sam and he`s company did an awesome job recording the most memorable moments of our event and making a beautiful video for us! SPD was very personable and very quick to respond to any questions I had before our big event`s.” Thanks again,
SAM and Kay.”

Vancouver Art Office - Brenda G.

Do you have problem in any invitation ?
Sam and he`s designer team is perfect and customer services and be professional team. 

Wedding coordinator